Allegations for money laundering at British Columbia casinos

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Allegations for money laundering at British Columbia casinos


A huge issue is about to open by the British Columbia government. The latter is ready to review allegations of suspected money laundering at the province’s casinos. Just a few months ago, the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (BGPEB) reported that huge amounts of money were being accepted in the casinos of the territory. But the thing is that the sources of that money are unknown. For that reason they created a 400 pages report and they completed it at the end of 2016.

What did the report state

According to the research, cash buy-ins of more than $500,000 had been accepted at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond. The report stated. “Law enforcement intelligence has indicated that this currency may be the direct proceeds of crime. The majority of this cash is being presented by people commonly referred to as high roller Asian VIP clients.”.

Moreover, in July of 2015 officials identified almost $13.5m in $20 bills and this amount of money was accepted by the River Rock Casino. The information about the source of the money referred . “Unsourced cash from an unknown person or people believed to be connected to or participating in illicit activity, was dropped off at the casino. Or ‘just-off’ casino property for patrons at unusual times, generally late at night.”.

The reactions

As it was expected, the Government’s mechanism moved quickly to find out what is really going on. In a statement reported by a local newspaper, the British Columbia Attorney General David Eby commented on the matter.  “We are serious about doing everything we can to identify money-laundering activities. In addition, we ensure policies are in place to prevent it from occurring in B.C. casinos.”. Overall, there will be more to come on the issue in the coming weeks. So it is expected that the results of the research will be awaited with great anticipation.

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