Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

Casino bonuses play a huge role when it comes to unforgettable online casino adventures. Namely, iGaming operators often offer lucrative welcome offers to attract as many new players as possible. Moreover, they also pamper regular members to keep them happy. However, newbies usually have no idea that every casino bonus offer comes with Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions. These bonus rules reveal a lot of important details regarding the offer. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to understand bonus rules as well as to distinguish right from bad ones.

What are Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions?

Well, bonus terms and conditions state essential details regarding a bonus offer. These usually include all the requirements and rules players should know before claiming a bonus. More importantly, they indicate the requirements players must meet before being able to withdraw. Below, we will list and explain the key points of such bonus terms and conditions.

Deposit, or No Deposit Bonus

There are two main types of casino bonuses – deposit and no deposit bonuses. Players can claim the first type by depositing a certain amount of cash. The lowest payment that makes players eligible for a deposit bonus is known as a minimum deposit amount. Usually, this amount at online casinos goes between £10 and £20.

Moreover, deposit bonuses often come with a maximum bonus amount too. This is the highest bonus you can receive, regardless of the size of your deposit. Deposit bonuses vary a lot and often go between £100 and £1,000.

Players claim no deposit bonuses, on the other hand, without having to make a deposit. Operators usually grant these upon sign-up or e-mail verification. No deposit bonuses are generally much lower than deposit bonuses and vary from £5 to £20. Nevertheless, they are completely free and therefore significant.

Wagering Requirements

Another crucial info from terms and conditions are the wagering requirements. Namely, wagering requirements reveal how many times a player must wager the bonus before cashing out. Consequently, too high playthrough requirements make it impossible to cash out. The average wagering requirements go from 20x to 35x. Anything above that is probably too high and therefore improbable to happen.

Expiration Time

Casino bonuses don’t last forever. This means that after you claim a bonus, you will have a certain amount of time to use it. When there are wagering requirements, you will have to meet those before the expiration time of the bonus. Therefore, it is smart to avoid casino bonuses that expire too quickly.

A best case scenario is to have at least 15 days to use the bonus, while 30 days is even better. Some bonuses expire within 7 days too. These may be okay depending on the bonus size and wagering requirements. Nonetheless, you should stay away from bonuses that expire in 3 days or less unless they are entirely free.

Max Cashout of Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Max cashout is the maximum amount of winnings you can withdraw from a casino bonus. In other words, if the max cashout is £100, you won’t be able to withdraw anything above that. Even if you win £200 using the bonus, you won’t be able to cash out those £100 over the limit. So, needless to say, aim at bonuses with reasonable max cashout or no max cashout at all.

Eligible Games and Game Wagering Contribution

When you claim a bonus, you should check eligible games. Namely, some bonuses are for slots, while others are for table games. Using bonus cash on forbidden games is a mistake that can cost you both the bonus and any winnings. Thus, always read the rules and see the list of approved games for the bonus.

Also, it’s smart to check games’ wagering contribution to meet the requirements more easily. A game’s wagering contribution can go from 0 to 100%. Usually, slots have 100% contribution, while table game wagers contribute between 5% and 20%.

Restricted Countries

Many times, operators may offer a bonus that players from certain countries cannot claim. This comes from the casino’s licensing restrictions. Therefore, you must read the rules and check if your country is on the restricted countries list or not. Usually, if the casino holds a licence from the UKGC, then their bonuses are for UK players too. On the other hand, operators licensed in Curacao cannot offer bonuses targeting UK consumers.

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