Fibonacci Casino & Betting System

Players worldwide have always been trying to beat casino games by using complex betting systems. These systems enable players to make decisions upon a set of previously stated rules and manage their bankroll. Among a long list of betting systems such as D’Alembert and Martingale, players will find the popular Fibonacci Casino system.

This system uses the basics of Fibonacci numbers. In mathematics, these numbers are numbers that follow an integer sequence, i.e. Fibonacci sequence. Namely, in the Fibonacci sequence, the sum of two digits represents the next number on the list.

General Information about Fibonacci Casino System

Fibonacci is a negative progression betting system. In other words, this system advises players to increase their stake after losing bets. The logic behind this is to ensure you gain profit in the long run. Namely, if your winning chances are higher than losing ones, the overall result should end up in the positive.

Unlike other simpler betting systems, the Fibonacci includes a bit more calculations. At first, calculating the next bet is easy as the numbers are straightforward. Later on, however, the calculations may become complicated. Namely, you need to sum the two previous stakes to come up with the next one. Thus, after several losses, the numbers you need to sum may be complex.

φιβοναψψιFibonacci Casino System Explained

Just like the D’Alembert betting system, using the Fibonacci system is possible on roulette. More precisely, on even-paying roulette bets, i.e. odds, evens, red, black, highs and lows. Namely, these bets make it possible for players to apply betting systems and calculate possible returns. Placing other bets takes the betting system off the tracks.

So, players start by setting a base betting unit. Afterwards, they place the bet and wait for the outcome. If the bet wins, they put the same bet for the next game. However, if the bet loses, then you should apply the Fibonacci sequence. So, let’s say the first two bets were £1 each and the second bet was a losing one. In this case, the third bet should be £2. If you lose again, the fourth bet should be the sum of the second and the third bet, i.e. £3.

Starting Bankroll and Base Bet Unit

For the successful application of the Fibonacci betting system, you need a starting bankroll and a base betting unit. The bankroll depends on your budget, while the base betting unit should be between 2% and 5% of the bankroll. You should avoid anything above 5%. Hence, if your starting bankroll is £100, your base betting unit can be anything between £2 and £5.

Using Fibonacci on Other Casino Games

Even though the Fibonacci betting system works best on roulette, you can use it on other casino games too. Namely, you just need to make sure that the bets you place offer even payout. Thus, for example, if you like Craps, you should use the system on the pass and don’t pass bets. Similarly, you can use it on baccarat and blackjack too as long as you stick to bets that pay 1:1.

Does the Fibonacci Casino System Work?

It’s natural to wonder whether applying the Fibonacci betting system will make you an absolute winner in the long run. Well, the honest answer is no. This and all other betting systems mathematically should have a positive outcome for the player. However, things work differently in reality, and therefore there may be certain unpredicted restrictions.

For example, in case you have a long losing streak, the bets may become too high for the table limits. Therefore, you won’t be able to apply the Fibonacci betting system and possibly return your previous losses.

Moreover, players must remember that using a betting system doesn’t lower the house edge. In other words, the chances of winning and losing remain identical as before. Thus, if you are lucky enough, the betting system may work in your favour. Nonetheless, the situation can quickly change against you as well.

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