Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Long before the UK Gambling Commission hit the market as the leading iGaming regulator, there was the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Top-class operators, servicing both UK consumers and other players worldwide, couldn’t imagine operating without the GRA license. After all, this approval meant a great deal to players, who recognised it as a guarantee for safety and fairness.

Today, the GRA is no longer in charge as the role now belongs to the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Nonetheless, the remote gambling license issued by the Government of Gibraltar is still considered one of the most respected ones.

Historical Overview of Gaming Regulations in Gibraltar

Back in 2000, the Gibraltar Regulatory Act demanded the creation of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. This body became in charge of regulating telecommunications and, at the time, gaming. This turned out profitable for the country, which became one of the fastest growing economies in Europe at the time.

In 2005, the Government of Gibraltar passed the Gambling Act 2005. Consequently, the responsibility for regulating the iGaming sector now lies at the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner instead. Ever since, this authority has overseen setting out advertising guidelines, gaming duties and effective control. Moreover, the Gambling Commission oversees testing requirements, anti-money laundering practices and operational standards in general.

Issues with the UK Gambling Commission

When the UK introduced regulatory changes and created the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar lost a large share of its relevancy. Namely, the UK decided to tax operators based on the location of their customers, instead of their headquarters. Thus, it made it obligatory for operators to obtain a UK gambling license to serve UK consumers. As a result, many top-rated operators such as Bwin Casino now hold two separate gambling licenses.

This was a massive blow to the Commissioner as many operators left and turned towards the lucrative UK market. Responding to the UK regulatory changes, the GBGA took their case to the EU Court of Justice back in 2015. So, the industry is impatient for a ruling that could be a close win or blow for Gibraltar’s iGaming future.

Key Characteristics of Gibraltar Licensed iGaming Operators

A great deal of iGaming operators worldwide have a license in Gibraltar. After all, those holding this iGaming license can target players in numerous countries worldwide. Plus, being licensed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is still considered a huge pro for operators.

Namely, to receive the approval of the authority, iGaming businesses must have high operating standards. These include a safe gambling environment, secure money transactions and top-class customer support service. Additionally, Gibraltar iGaming licensees guarantee fair outcomes alongside games powered by leading software providers.

In other words, any online gambling site approved by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner can be trusted. This doesn’t change much for UK players though, as they must stick to UK licensed operators anyway. However, having a Gibraltar Regulatory Authority license in addition to the UKGC license is certainly welcomed. One such an example is the top-class William Hill Casino.

Gibraltar Licensed iGaming OperatorsComplaints Procedure at GRA

Just like all other iGaming regulators, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner advises consumers to resolve any issues with the operator first. In case that the company reject your complaint , you have the right to seek further assistance from the Commissioner.

On the Government of Gibraltar’s website, you can find the Complaint Resolution Request Form under the Gaming Division tab. You need to complete the form and then send it to [email protected] Regarding required details, the form requires personal details as well as operator details. Moreover, you will have to provide information regarding the nature of your complaint including dates, descriptions etc.

After examining your case, the Commissioner will make a Proposed Determination. As this is not a final decision, both parties have 14 days to respond to it. Afterwards, the Commissioner will issue a Decision Letter. This decision is final, and any further misunderstanding will be subject to court procedures.

Note for Disputes with Gibraltar and UK Licensed Operators

As of November 2014, players at gambling operators licensed in Gibraltar and the UK cannot file complaints with the Commissioner. Namely, the latest regulatory changes require that such players follow the ADR procedure favoured by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that players will first have to try and solve the issue with the operator. If this fails, then they should file a complaint with one of the ADR bodies approved by the UKGC.

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