Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority is a leading remote gambling authority on the iGaming market. Alongside the UK Gambling Commission, this regulatory body is probably the most trustworthy one among players worldwide.

This one-stop-shop oversees the work of gambling businesses operating on the territory of Malta. The MGA has been successfully working ever since 2001 when it became one of the first regulators in the sector. The MGA used to operate under the name Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority before rebranding in early 2015.

Thanks to the MGA, Malta has become home to many fan-favourite remote gaming operators. Moreover, the authority has managed to create a safe and fair environment. This resulted in Malta becoming one of the largest iGaming markets in the world.

Of course, lots of things changed with the creation of the UK Gambling Commission. Nevertheless, the MGA remains a respected regulatory body in the industry and among players.

Aims and Objectives

According to the MGA website, the idea behind the existence of the authority is to guarantee a safe and fair environment. Namely, as key aims are listed protection of minors and vulnerable persons, safeguarding players’ rights and promotion of responsible gambling. The list is completed by ensuring the integrity of games and gaming devices as well as keeping remote gambling crime-free.

Main objectives of the MGA include consolidating regulatory functions and providing authoritative and accessible information to both consumers and operators. Plus, the MGA also focuses on supporting the industry and technological innovations related to it.

To achieve its aims and objectives, the MGA has been conducting researches, granting licenses and monitoring gambling operations. Furthermore, the authority has been supporting good causes, collecting taxes and ensuring that the iGaming sector contributes to the country’s development.

mga casino logoMalta Gaming Authority Licensed Operators

Operators who have a licence by the MGA are as safe as those who have one by the UKGC. Some of them are: Casumo, GoWild,  and MrGreen. Namely, the MGA is a severe authority and issues licenses only to operators that meet its requirements. Everybody knows that MGA is an authority that has zero tolerance for those not complying with its recommendations.

Players at MGA approved operators can expect top support, fair rules and high safety standards. Plus, all these sites have strict user identification policies and provide a range of self-exclusion tools. The MGA works hard to prevent underage gambling, and its licensees must contribute towards that goal too.

In other words, MGA licensed operators provide crystal clear general terms and conditions as well as precise bonus rules. They guarantee a safe environment; plus, all their games use RNG that provides fair outcomes. MGA licensees also ensure secure money transactions and make sure all customers get their withdrawals within a reasonable timeframe.

Solving Disputes with Malta Gaming Authority Licensees

You already know that filing complaints about UKGC approved businesses is done via an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body. The situation with MGA licensees is different as players should file complaints directly to the authority.

Namely, if you have an issue with an MGA licensee, you should try and solve the problem with the company. This is done merely by filing a complaint with the site’s support service, following the guidelines provided by the operator. In case that the company rejects your claim  or resolve it unfairly, you can turn to the MGA for further assistance.

How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint regarding an online gaming operator with the MGA, you should visit their website first. Then, you should visit the Online Gaming Support page, where you can get the complaint submission form. The form requires personal information about the player and details about the operator, game played, date of incident etc. Moreover, you need to provide files to support your claims, so make sure you have at least one of those.

Once you submit the form, the authority will process the request and decide in or against your favour. This is usually the last step you can take before taking the issue to civil courts. However, the MGA is really famous for protecting consumers. Thus, if you have a strong case, there’s no need to doubt the authority.

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