Martingale Casino & Betting System

Trying to improve winning odds is something every player has tried at least once. For this purpose, experts have worked coming up with betting systems and strategies that guarantee better performance. Several fan-favourite such betting systems include Fibonacci, D’Alembert, Labouchere and Martingale Casino. In fact, Martingale is probably the most popular and commonly used betting system in the world.

Just like the other options, the Martingale betting system is a concept based on negative progression. Namely, whenever a player loses a bet, the system advises them to double their stake. Doing this, supposedly, guarantees that the winnings will always be higher than the losses.

For example, let’s say you lose £5 on the first bet. For the next bet, you double the stake and hence win £10. So, not only you gained back your previous loss, but you also earned a profit. In reality, though, the situation is much more complicated.

Roulette-Martingale-StrategyIntroduction to Martingale Casino System

The Martingale betting system comes from the Martingale probability theory. Both originate from France, and they were created to help gamblers control their losses. In the past, gamblers mostly used the Martingale on games involving flipping coins. Later on, players started using it on roulette tables as well. Namely, sure roulette bets like black or red offer 50% chances of winning, which makes them perfect for the system.

These days, players also use Martingale and all other betting systems on roulette mostly. In some instances, they apply it to other games such as Craps and blackjack. However, they always make sure to use it on bets that offer 50% chances of winning and even payouts. Applying betting systems on bets that have lower chances of winning and different payout rates is pointless.

Martingale Casino & Betting System in Action

Let’s see how the Martingale betting system looks like in action. Naturally, before even starting to play, you will need a bankroll dedicated for this purpose. Also, you must set a basic bet between 2% and 5% of your bankroll. You must have a basic betting unit too as you apply the Martingale betting progression on this unit.

To keep things simple, let’s say you have a bankroll of £50. Therefore, the basic bet unit is 2% of the £50, i.e. £1. You place the bet on one of the even-paying fields and keep playing it until you lose. When you lose, the Martingale system goes into action. The system requires you to double the bet amount after each loss. In this scenario, therefore, you increase the £1 to £2. In case you lose again, you will double the bet from £2 to £4, then to £8 and so on.

Reverse Martingale Betting System

Players should know that there is an anti-Martingale or reverse Martingale betting system as well. This system does the opposite of its counterpart. In other words, when you have a winning streak, you double your bet to make the most out of it. On the other hand, when you have a losing streak, you reduce the stake in limiting losses.

Cons of Martingale Casino System

We have mentioned more than once that betting systems come with some cons. When it comes to the Martingale betting system, here’s what players should keep in mind. First, the nature of the system can easily make a bet reach the table limit. Namely, roulette tables at online casinos often go up to £500. If you face a losing streak, you can achieve this limit, and hence, you’ll have to abandon the system altogether.

Another con of the Martingale betting system is the fact it can’t lower the house edge. It seems that too many players believe betting strategies increase their odds. Nonetheless, this is far from the truth as betting systems cannot affect the outcome of the game. Regardless of whether you use a system or not, your chance of winning an even-paying bet always stays at 50%.

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