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Paysafecard is a prepaid online payment method that functions with a 16-digit PIN code. This service hit the market in 2000 and successfully established itself as a top payment method in the iGaming industry. Part of the Paysafe Group, Paysafecard is a sister service to two other reputable banking methods – Skrill and Neteller. Paysafecard’s headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, but the service has a presence in 46 countries worldwide.

Defining Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher that users can purchase at thousands of merchants worldwide. Not long ago the service enabled buying Paysafecard credit online as well. Customers can use the balance on the voucher for various actions including payments, deposits and money transfer. A simple overview of Paysafecard’s presence shows the markets you can use it at. These include games, social media, online dating, Internet services, music and entertainment as well as online gambling and betting.

Paysafecard Fees and Limits

When you buy a Paysafecard, you should learn more about its fees and limits. Namely, the service charges a maintenance fee of £3 starting from the 13th month of the card is active. The service deducts the cost from the balance of your card. There is also a redemption fee of £6, which the service deducts from refunded amounts. Those having a My Paysafecard will have to pay a £5 maintenance fee. This fee, however, applies only, if they haven’t used the card in the past 12 months.

Regarding limits, these vary depending on the type of Paysafecard product you own. So, the standard Paysafecard maximum payment amount is £200. The Paysafecard Mastercard limits are a bit higher and ranging from £400 to £4,000. Finally, the transaction and monthly payout limits for My Paysafecard Standard are £250.

Using Paysafecard at Online Casinos

Using Paysafecard at online casinos is very easy and straightforward. This is what makes the payment method so popular among players. Namely, when depositing via Paysafecard, you only enter the 16-digit PIN, rather than personal and financial details. So, not just this method is safe but also keeps your casino transactions out of your bank record.


Let’s say you have a Paysafecard and you want to use it to top up your online casino account. Well, most respected gaming operators accept this payment method. Some of the sites you can use it include William Hill Casino and Casumo Casino.

The first step is to visit the cashier and select Paysafecard to start the depositing process. Then, you need to enter the amount of money you want to transfer as well as enter your 16-digit PIN. The processing takes a few minutes, and you’ll soon be able to play your favourite casino games.

When it comes to transaction fees, they are usually quite favourable. Namely, online casinos rarely charge any fees on Paysafecard deposits. Moreover, the minimum deposit amount that applies to this method often varies between £10 and £20, i.e. it’s reasonable. The max deposit is quite low though and limited to £200 or £250 only.


As Paysafecard is mostly used as a deposit method, it is rarely accepted for cashing out. So, even if you used Paysafecard to fund your Novibet Casino account, you’ll have to select another cashout method. However, keep in mind that back in 2015 the company enabled payouts for users with My Paysafecard. Therefore, it is possible to cash out with Paysafecard as long as your chosen iGaming operator supports it. You can use these withdrawn funds at other operators for making deposits or cash them out them via ATMs.

Paysafecard Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your Paysafecard, things can go both ways really. Namely, the voucher enables you to stay anonymous as you only need the PIN to use it. Users don’t provide any personal information when purchasing this voucher. In this regard, using Paysafecard is quite useful. Plus, you never provide bank or credit card details either.

On the other hand, with lots of phishing techniques out there, someone can steal your PIN. Moreover, you can quickly lose the voucher or misplace it. In such scenarios, you lose the remaining balance on your voucher and cannot get it back. Yet, the maximum amount of cash someone can steal from you is the remaining balance only. In most cases, this means that you can’t lose more than the limit of £200 for Paysafecard Standard vouchers.

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