SSL 128 – Bit Certificate

As more and more players worldwide join gambling sites and provide personal details to operators, safety becomes a serious issue. After all, anyone entering login details or credit card numbers wants to know that their info won’t be abused. Therefore, SSL encryption is becoming a hot topic for all gamblers in pursuit of a safe and secure casino operator.

Namely, any casino site that holds an SSL certificate provides consumers with 100% safe and secure environment. However, not everyone is familiar with this technology or understands the concept. Thus, we have created the ultimate guide on casino SSL certification. So, now you can learn all about SSL encryption as well as its importance.

What is SSL Encryption?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a widely used security technology. This technology creates an encrypted link between a client and a server and a browser or a mail server. Even though this may sound confusing to those unfamiliar with tech stuff, SSL encryption is a great thing. It exists to guarantee safety and security to anyone who visits websites or uses e-mail services.

The primary goal of SSL encryption is to enable safe transmission of sensitive and confidential information. This information may be personal data, bank details, credit card numbers etc. Without encryption, such data is transmitted as plain text, meaning it can be easily stolen and abused. However, encryption encrypts the data and makes it impossible to steal and use. Namely, even if someone steals the data, they won’t be able to understand it.

SSL 128-Bit

Most online casinos use SSL 128-bit encryption. This number reveals the strength of encryption technology. Namely, the number suggests that there are keys made of 128 ones and zeros. In ordinary human words, this would mean that a hacker needs 100 years to crack the encryption. Consequently, a more significant number indicates a higher level of safety.

Why is SSL Encryption Important?

SSL Encryption guarantees players safety. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to stick to encrypted gambling sites where your information is 100% safe. After all, when you make deposits, you provide your essential financial details. Moreover, for the KYC procedure, you provide your personal information as well. Therefore, playing at non-encrypted casinos means that someone can easily steal all this data and misuse it.

Thus, our advice is always to join encrypted iGaming sites as these are safe for those that use their platforms. On the other hand, you should stay away from sites that don’t employ these latest encryption technologies. In case a hacker gets your bank or even log in details, the situation could be catastrophic for you. Hence, it’s the smartest to protect yourself by avoiding unsecured sites altogether.

Recognise Encrypted Casinos

Most licensed casinos must guarantee safety and security to players. Thus, if you are confident that your chosen operator is licensed in the UK or Malta, you are probably safe. However, to be 100% sure of this, it is necessary to check out the casino’s web address.

Namely, casinos that employ a safe connection will have links starting with https://, rather than Http://. In case you failed to notice, the secure sites have on extra “s” in the end. This “s” reveals that the site uses encryption and that their certificate is valid. Once again, entering personal or financial information at non-encrypted sites is not a smart decision.

Popular SSL Certification Bodies

Licensed online casinos these days must provide users with a safe and secure playing environment. Therefore, they always make sure to employ the latest encryption technology. However, not all of them collaborate with the same SSL certification bodies. So, to recognise the most popular and reputable seals of approval, you should know the companies that issue them.

Well, in the iGaming world, eCOGRA is possibly the best-known name for both safety and fairness. This is one of the strictest certification bodies in the world. Thus, if you see an eCOGRA-approved casino site, you can trust it with your personal details.

Other SSL certification companies that players can trust include Norton and McAfee. Additionally, if you notice the VeriSign or SSL seal of approval, that’s another good sign that the site is secure. Finally, it is only fair to mention Comodo as a trustworthy company whose seal of approval means a lot.

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