Using Bank Cards at Online Casinos

Among the many banking options accepted at online casinos, players can use bank cards for making deposits and withdrawals. Many casinos allow this payment method, which guarantees fast and safe money transfers. However, players should know that when we mention bank cards, these can be both credit cards and debit cards.

Both options function quite the same and have the same pros and cons of using them. Consequently, you can use both at numerous reputable iGaming sites. Some of those include Sportingbet Casino, Guts Casino and BGO Casino.

online-casinoCredit Cards as Banking Method

Anyone having one of the top-rated credit cards can use it to fund their online casino account. Moreover, players can use credit cards to withdraw as well. Online casinos usually accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. Often, certain local credit cards are an option too. Operators generally process credit card deposits within minutes, while withdrawals may take up to 48 hours.

Regarding processing fees, only a small number of operators charge fees on credit card cashouts. These may be around 2.5% of the amount or between £2 and £3. Deposits, on the other hand, are usually free of charge.  Minimum money transfer amounts go between £10 and £20, depending on the casino’s policy. Plus, these transactions often allow players to use a range of currencies including GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, EUR etc.

Debit Cards as Banking Method

Everything we said for credit cards applies to debit cards too. The processing times of debit card deposits are fast and take no more than several minutes. Cashouts take a bit longer, usually between 1-3 working days. Debit card deposits at online casinos are free, while withdrawals may come with charges like the ones for credit cards. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts go from £10 to £20. Most popular debit cards for both operators and players remain, Maestro, Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

Using Bank Cards at Online Casinos: Pros and Cons

Naturally, bank cards offer both benefits and disadvantages to players who use them. We will list the most important ones so you can decide whether this banking method works for you or not.


First, let’s discuss safety and security. It’s the 21st century and using debit/credit cards is perfectly safe. Both casinos and financial institutions employ high safety standards to guarantee this. However, despite safety being listed as an advantage of using bank cards, it can quickly turn into a con too. In other words, if someone steals your card details, you can soon become a scam victim. This is especially serious with credit cards as these cards allow negative balance. So, if you use bank cards, make sure to stick to reputable and licensed iGaming operators.

Transactions Show on Bank Records

This is one of the main disadvantages of using bank cards. Namely, when you make deposits to and withdrawals from gambling businesses with bank cards, they appear on your bank records. Many players prefer hiding these and therefore use e-wallets or prepaid vouchers instead. Plus, having such transactions may eve hurt your bank record, and we all know how important that is these days.

Lots of Options

Unlike many banking options that you can’t use everywhere, you can make credit/debit card deposits at most casino sites. Moreover, most operators allow card withdrawals, while other options like prepaid vouchers may not be an option for this action.


Using both credit and debit cards as payment methods are quite convenient. Namely, you can make deposits and request withdrawals from the comfort of your home. They are widely accepted, and casinos process such transactions instantly. Lastly, when players request withdrawals to their bank cards, they can easily take out the cash using ATMs. This is rarely the case with e-wallets as they include a third party. This means you will have to transfer the funds first to the e-wallet and then to your bank account. Only then you will be able to cash the money out finally.

Bankroll Management

Finally, let’s discuss the bankroll management about debit and credit card deposits. Both provide a different experience as they function differently. Namely, debit cards will allow you to deposit as much cash as you have on your account. This way, you can control your spending as you can’t generate a negative balance.

Credit cards, on the other hand, allow you to deposit more cash than you have in your account. This makes the method more convenient than others, but also dangerous to some extent. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to deposit using your credit card or your debit card.

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