Every detail was planned

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October 3, 2017
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October 6, 2017
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Every detail was planned


Everything was under an organized plan

More and more foundings of the massacre in Las Vegas, that took place on Sunday, come to the spotlight every day. The latest shows that the gunman and deceased, Mr Paddock, had everything planned. On the other hand, a motive has not been established yet.  The selection of a hotel room overlooking a music festival, days before the attack. The cache of 23 weapons inside the gunman’s Las Vegas suite. And thousands of rounds of ammunition — plus an ingredient used in explosives — inside the killer’s home and car. Everything was chosen carefully, while the police force revealed that Stephen Paddock set up cameras inside his hotel suite and in the hallway.

The part of his girlfriend

Just a week before the bloody massacre, Stephen Paddock seemed to have transferred 100.000 dollars to his girlfriend Marilou Danley in the Philippines last week, authorities in Manila said on Wednesday, citing the FBI. She seems though to have not any part on the plans of the deceased accountant, Ms Danley, a former casino worker who was in the Philippines when the mass shooting in Las Vegas took place, is not believed to be involved in the shooting. On the other hand, Paddock’s family members say that she is the key for the FBI to understand what has happened, as well as the reason for the shooting.

It should be noted that she was not arrested, and was free to go wherever she wants, but agents were expected to speak to her in an attempt to discover what led Paddock to carry out America’s worst mass shooting. FBI investigators also reported that they were looking at Paddock’s finances as a matter of urgency in a bid to establish a motive for the massacre. More new are about to come in the next hours, that is the only thing for sure.

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