Galaxy Macau becomes a fraud victim

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Galaxy Macau becomes a fraud victim

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Several Chip Scams

 It is crystal clear that money laundering and different types of casino crime is a huge issue in Macau. One of the most important casino resorts in the territory, Galaxy Macau Casino, suffered seven chip scams in less than a week. It actually cost the casino 77 thousand US dollars (600,000 Honk Kong Dollars). In a briefing that was made by the Judiciary Police, they announced that there wasn’t any connection between the seven incidents and the reason everything happened because of the poor quality of the chips.

350,000 Hong Kong dollars loss

 According to the report, the Judiciary Police arrested two men from mainland China on charges of using counterfeit gambling chips. Those men seem to have received by some way a number of fake gambling chips as soon as they arrived in Macau and they used them in Galaxy Macau Casino. They exchanged the fake chips from a baccarat dealer mostly and in some other dealers on the shift as well. Eventually, the announcement closes stating that «Within just two hours, they successfully swapped a total of 350,000 Hong Kong dollars’ worth of real gambling chips, while across all the incidents there was a total loss in the amount of HK$600,000».

Macau Casinos fraud is a plague

 Despite the efforts of the Macau Judiciary Police, the casino crimes do not seem to stop. In fact, they have been increasing even more within the last few weeks. It is not a coincidence after all that this is the third time in recent weeks that the Macau Judiciary Police have arrested mainland Chinese residents for gambling-related crimes in the special administrative region. The previous week though, 19 people from mainland China were arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal VIP gambling room. It was in a city hotel in the NAPE district, while more incidents happened a few weeks ago.

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