Las Vegas death toll rises

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October 3, 2017
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October 3, 2017
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Las Vegas death toll rises


Things are getting worse as the days go by, regarding the bloody massacre that took place on last Sunday in Las Vegas. And more precisely in Mandalay Bay. As we reported on the previous article about the incident, the death toll was at 58 people, while 515 were wounded. The numbers are increasing unfortunately. The authorities report now 59 dead, while the wounded have now reached the number 527.

An arsenal of 42 guns

Mr Paddock, who was firstly recognized as the shooter and later was found dead, seems to have an incredible number of guns. To be more precise, the Las Vegas attacker had a huge arsenal of at least 42 guns. Moreover, he had explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition. The police revealed the latter information, as they continue to work to establish a motive. The only thing that can be told for sure, is that the accountant Mr Paddock, was a high stakes gambler. Maybe that by itself messed the things in case he lost a large amount of money. As yet though, no clear reason for the killing has emerged with police admitting they are still unclear about the gunman’s motive. Anyway, America is shocked of course by this act of enormous violence.

“Gun control is necessary”

As it was expected, the gun laws face great incredulity these days, with every politician now asking for them to be stricter. Hilary Clinton is the politician who wants the gun controls to be more ruthless. And this comes at the time that at the Congress there are discussions about letting the civilians, not only use guns, but silencers, as well. Former Donald Trump advisers Steve Bannen and Sebastian Gorka have rounded on Hillary Clinton. The latter called for more gun controls in the wake of the attack. The former Democratic presidential candidate urged politicians to stand up to the powerful National Rifle Association. We should note that the NRA is currently lobbying Congress to support measures to allow gun owners to use silencers.

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