Stricter rules for clubs with slots in Singapore

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July 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017
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Stricter rules for clubs with slots in Singapore

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They even lack the license!

It seems like the situation has been a little bit out of control in Singapore, about the clubs which have slot machines. Most of them operate them without having any licenses. That is what the Singaporean government wants to control. Indeed, from now on, stringent measures are about to take place concerning the availability and use of slot machines.

Slots are about to be reduced anyway

The new measures that are about to come into full effect really soon in Singapore. Firstly, the clubs will have to prove that they can offer «a wide range of recreational and social facilities». Furthermore, the slot machines are about to be reduced. Even at the clubs which fulfill the conditions that are set by the new measures. In addition, the clubs will have to prove that gaming is not their priority and the main thing they offer to their customers and those who fail to prove this will have to stop operating the machines by April 30, 2018.

Strict Penalties

In general, access to the slots machines will be even stricter soon, starting from the coming November. The minimum age for a person to have the right to play the slots will be raised from 18 to 21. Besides, the entry at the clubs will be also limited to club members who have signed up for at least a year. Those members though, will not have the right to bring guests into the rooms where the machines are. It is worth mentioning that the clubs which will not follow the new rules will face a fine up to $20,000 and jailed up to a year under the Private Lotteries Act. The only thing that remains, is to see the reactions of the club owners in the next few days.

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