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July 25, 2017
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July 26, 2017
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Scientific Games definitely is… on the up

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Figures keep getting bigger

Scientific Games is one of the biggest software providers globally. Consequently, it is not a coincidence that everyone recognizes them as one of the top companies in the online gaming industry. Furthermore, they proved that they are still on top since they reported a 5% year-on-year increase in its revenue figures for the second quarter of 2017. And if this percentage rate seems a little bit… small for you, let’s talk about numbers. They had a rise in their revenue of 47$ million dollars since compared with their 2nd quarter’s of 2016 729.2$ million profit, they managed to get to a 766$ million revenue. The company’s operating income almost doubled in size from 59.1$ million in the second quarter of 2016 to 117.3$ million. Moreover, the net cash flow grew from 90.8$ million to 168.5$ million.

…And keep expanding

As you can see and realize, these are huge differences and show why Scientific Games is considered a top class company in the gaming industry. In an announcement the company made after the revealing of the new, improved financials, they told that they plan to capitalize on them. In addition, they want to extend the existing term loans out to 2024.

This is just the beginning

As a result, Kevin Sheehan, Chief Executive of Scientific Games, was more than happy. He commented on those improved company financials: «Second quarter results represent our seventh quarter of consecutive year-over-year growth, including 169$ million of cash flow from operating activities, as a result of ongoing improvements in our gaming, lottery and interactive operations. We achieved year-over-year revenue growth in global gaming machine sales, gaming systems, table products and interactive; as well as in US instant games revenue. Across the company, we are maintaining a laser focus on executing our strategies and capitalizing on our many opportunities.».

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