Warnings for Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas, 888 over promotions

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Warnings for Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas, 888 over promotions


Strict rulings

Things are extremely strict in the United Kingdom regarding promotions from the betting operators. And this was proved for one more time. Just a couple days ago a number of gambling giants felt the wrath of The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in its latest round of weekly rulings. Even the slightest mistake could be crucial for any bookmaker. This time it was all about a decision related to an advert that had been created by affiliate partners of 888, Sky Vegas and Ladbrokes Casino. In addition, Casumo Services which used the same promotion, were also censured.

The statement

Not one or two but nine operators in total received complaints by the ASA about their advertisements. The authority stated that the adverts were irresponsible towards the customers. And that is because in their own way they suggested that gambling could provide an escape from personal problems such as depression. In addition, the adverts showw that it could also be a solution to financial concerns. It should be noted though that the advertisement was not provided to the operator for clearance. In fact the promotion was published by the affiliate, whilst the operator was completely unaware.

Of course, after the incident, three of the betting operators terminated their partnership with the affiliate company. All of them stated that the advert breached the terms and conditions that the two parties agreed.

Just after the complaints have been issued, the ASA stated. “The ad must not appear again in its current form. Future ads, including those prepared by affiliates, must be clearly identifiable as marketing communications. The operators should also take care to ensure their ads were prepared in a socially responsible way.”. By this way the betting operators are now forced to weigh up how they can best monitor their affiliate partnerships in a responsible way and especially for Sky Betting & Gaming, which had to close its affiliate hub.

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